Short, easy ride to ACA headquarters in Missoula, MT

Monday July 20, 2009, 19 miles (31 km) – Total so far: 3,470 miles (5,584 km)

Not much to tell about today.  We had a short ride into Missoula today, to the Adventure Cycling facility.  The ride down north on U.S. 93 wasn’t much fun; too much traffic, the shoulder was adequate but full of debris, and as Virginia said, the ride into Sinclair, WY on the interstate was more pleasant.  Once we got into town, the road was closed for road construction, so we had to wander around to get downtown.  Crossing the Clark Fork one lane of the bridge was closed, but we rode across it anyway.  The lane was closed for road work across the bridge.  Missoula, surprisingly, has a fairly vibrant downtown.

Clark Fork River, looking upstream from the bridge into downtown

Public bike parking? Downtown??

We had a nice time visiting the ACA place, and since they had a supported tour in town, they were having hamburgers and invited us to stay for lunch.  Free food?  Sure!  We visited with them a bit more, then bid them farewell.  They have to ride back to Lolo to continue to Oregon, and we’re heading north toward Glacier National Park and then to Washington.  We’ve been riding with them every day from West Yellowstone until yesterday, when they outran us.

ACA headquarters. Note the handlebar door handles. I have some tape just like this at home; one of the mail order places had it on close-out for a year or two, and I wondered who bought the rest!

We headed to the west end of town to do a bit of shopping, and intending to go to the KOA to camp.  But the traffic and heat dissuaded us, so we negotiated a deal in a downtown motel (with air conditioning), and we’ll head out early tomorrow, headed east before turning north.

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