Turned out to be a pretty good day: Rough River Dam state park (KY)

Wednesday June 3, 2009, 57 miles (92 km) – Total so far: 1,018 miles (1,638 km)

I wouldn’t have bet on writing that this morning!  We started at 8:00, and went half a mile to the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site.  This is where he was really born, and they even have the log cabin (enclosed in a monstrosity of a monument!) there.  Turns out Thomas Lincoln, Abe’s father, lost a title battle in court after a few years, and that’s why the family had to move on.  Amazingly enough, there was no golf course in sight!

This has a log cabin in it??

Yep, a log cabin in that thing. Old Abe was born in this (which was NOT in the bigger marble thing at the time)

We started again, in cool weather but with looming clouds, and made it 8.5 miles to an expected second breakfast site at 10 miles, when it started to rain.  So we got wet.  We lingered over the meal for an hour, and it looked like it was slacking off, so we headed out again.  Made it across the interstate and into Sonora, KY (a deserted looking downtown with a one-farm subdivision on the west side) when it really opened up again.  Well, by that time we were wet, so we kept going.  What else can you do?  Pretty country, even in the rain.

Pretty country, even if it's wet

Finally it started clearing up about 11:30.  Shortly after that, I had another ‘Huh?’ moment.  The last one was outside Draper, near Christiansburg, VA, where we came around a bend and saw this enormous, graceful railroad bridge that made me wonder if my subconscious had been hoarding Tolkien memories.  This was a round house made out of stone.  What is a house like that doing in a place like this?  Shortly after that was another quilt square barn, of which we haven’t seen too many lately.

Round, stone house

Another quilt square on a barn

Made it through White Mills and Eastview, then had to climb back up the plateau.  We stopped for lunch at a gas/grocery/deli.  The menu was cheeseburgers, so we had one.  Nice old man running the store, and another man came in to tell us all about his move down from northern Ohio to learn how to be a farmer.  The main work the last week or so has been haying, and we saw a number of hay fields being worked yesterday.  It was getting steamy as the sun warmed things up, so we enjoyed the ride downhill to the Rough River, but not the climb back up the other side almost to Hudson.  It was cooler riding than walking or stopping, because there was not a breath of air in the mugginess to cool us.  There was a church in Madrid to let us know where we were, then a fair few business in McDaniels.  We had our pick of campgrounds, but made it past the dam.  There we saw a dark cloud coming our way, so heading to the Rough River Dam State Resort Park lodge was an easy choice.  We checked in as thunder cracked overhead, and shortly after we got to the room, it really cut loose.

Glad to be inside, instead of out in that!

This may be the first place we’ve stayed in a while without any claims to Abraham Lincoln had a nexus here.  To make up for it, they do have a golf course.

As of today, we’ve topped 1,000 miles, and made it into central time zone.  My stomach doesn’t care about the first, but it was ready to eat by the time the restaurant here opened at 6:00 EDT!
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