Rolling at last! Glad to be on the road!!

Wednesday May 13, 2009, 60 miles (97 km) – Total so far: 73 miles (117 km)

We rolled right out of our hotel in Williamsburg this morning, and headed down Colonial Parkway. With a detour around Colonial Williamsburg; I was confused by the “downtown Williamsburg” map.

The ride down to Jamestown was pretty, although we were so pumped to be riding again that we forgot to stop and take pictures. In our defense, it’s kind of hard to get the feel of a scene through a lens. The James River was typical tidewater — marshy, lots of inlets, a few large ponds. After we passed Jamestown, we found the bike path and cruised all the way to the Chickahominy River. There was a new bridge over the river, which is going to be really nice when they build up the approaches to the pedestrian walkway and get all the construction materials out of it!

The road rose a bit, and I was struck with the realization that this is the “upland” in, for instance, “upland game bird.” The whole ecosystem is so different with 30-40′ of height; hardwoods instead of pines, shorebirds and wading birds give way to peewees, and so forth. There was a stretch where some sort of grain was growing — I don’t know if it was wheat or rice.

We passed the alleged towns of Charles City, Glendale, and Elko. Maybe there was a town down toward the courthouse in the county seat of Charles City County, but I didn’t see anything but a slight clustering of houses.

It’s good to be rolling again. My wife has graciously trailed us providing support — which today meant, carrying most of our load in the car. Sure does make a difference in speed, but I’m going to miss her more than the sag when she has to go back home.

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