The next day: into Marshfield, MO

Sunday June 14, 2009, 28 miles (45 km) – Total so far: 1,554 miles (2,501 km)

Well, last night’s idea wasn’t so hot.  It was fine until the fishing family pulled in at 6:00 and turned on the truck radio.  OK, we moved to the picnic pavilion.  Then at 6:30, the local coon dog show and trials started showing up.  Nice people, nice baying hounds; they left when it got dark at 9:30, and then a crew came back to pick up their trucks and dog boxes at midnight, and another bunch came back about 3:00.  At 4:00, thunder and lightning had us getting the rain fly up, and the rain started in earnest at 5:00, so I got a good sleep until 7:30.  The rain finally let up at 9:00, so we could pack up all the wet stuff.

The skies were still overcast, with rolling hills through Duncan (which is so small it’s not even on the map).  It started to clear up, so we stopped for a snack and to put on sunscreen.  That brought back the clouds, which were welcome, as was the wind, as it helped cool things.

Long road under an overcast

Fields and more fields; what can you say, after some point?  I guess the name of the High Prairie Baptist Church says it as well as anything.

High prairie

Pulled into Marshfield under threatening skies a bit after noon.  This small town must have a dealer for everything you can sell or service on a farm.  We were trying to beat the rain, so skipped the pictures.  Naturally, as soon as we checked in, the skies cleared.  We’re staying anyways.

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