Just rolling along into Bardstown, KY

Sunday May 31, 2009, 56 miles (90 km) – Total so far: 914 miles (1,471 km)

Old-time roses

I started out feeling tired, but after five miles, I had warmed up and was ready to go a while.  Clear, not too warm, it was a good day to be riding.  We came through Rose Hill.  (Sorry about the blur — operator error!)  I should note that the (white) wild roses in Virginia backroads gave way to honeysuckle in eastern Kentucky, which gave way in turn to these old (reddish) roses in central Kentucky.  The birds have changed, too, as the wood thrushes and hermit thrushes gave way to song sparrows and meadowlarks in the fields out of the mountains.  And just for completeness, road kill has changed, too.  The predominant road kill in the mountains was ‘possum, raccoons, an occasional deer, one copperhead (I was glad to see that one flat!), and squirrel.  Out in the fields most of the road kill is rabbit and, yes, more ‘possum.

From the tops of the hills we got some more pretty nice views.

Scenic view 1

Scenic view 2

We went through Mackville, then through the alleged town of Fenwick.  (Even the church had some other name on it!)  Rolled on to the Lincoln Homestead State Park.

Lincoln Homestead reproduction

They had moved the house Abraham Lincoln’s mother was raised in over here, and built a reproduction of the house they moved into after they married, but before they moved again and Abe was born.  It was a pretty good excuse to build a golf course, though!

From there, ACA had routed us through another 20 miles of remote countryside.  We bypassed Maud to go through Springfield, where we had lunch, then took US 150 west to Bardstown.  The first five miles were pretty good, low traffic and nice shoulders (better than the debris-ridden wash on the shoulders in eastern KY).  Then we hit a bridge, the shoulder disappeared, and traffic picked up a bit.  That wasn’t too bad, as long as we were in the flat Parker Run valley.  But then the traffic picked up again as we hit the hills, and that was no fun.  It was a relief to get into Bardstown.

We’re talking about taking a day off tomorrow, mostly to let me rest.  This is the most I’ve ever ridden in one month, and I skipped 10 days early in the month!  After that, I hope we can find ‘net connections for the next few days, but no promises.

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