An easy day to Lander, WY

Thursday July 9, 2009, 41 miles (66 km) – Total so far: 2,879 miles (4,633 km)

We didn’t roll out at the crack of dawn, but it was cold last night!  We were feeling the effects of yesterday’s ride, and it was hard to get moving.  The first six miles or so were nothing special, then we hit a five mile downhill.  Near the top Virginia spotted her first bison. I was going so fast I could only tell you there was a big dark thing in a gully near the road.

Not much to tell about for the first 20 miles or so, until we hit a red rock formation.  I don’t think this is part of the Red Canyon that’s on the postcards, but it’s probably part of the same rock formation.  Note we’re getting closer to the Wind River range, which is in the background.

Really red rock, with Wind River range in the background


Downhill a bit more, and we hit the Little Popo Agie River.  From this point on into Lander, there were a lot more farms, ranches, houses, and business than we’d seen for the past 100 miles.  No place names, but more inhabitants than most of yesterday’s places.  Of course, when you pass maybe 100 peoples’ residences in 100 miles, just a little civilization goes a long way.

By the way, those odd wooden structures are apparently snow fences.  Their efficacy may be judged by the gate that almost every intersection out in the country, and most roads out of the towns, have.  I still wonder why they put the fences so far from the road.  When it really storms, the roads get closed.

Road closure gate

We made Lander, cruised around town, and found a motel. Went by NOLS while cruising, which supposedly gives passing cyclists food, but Virginia didn’t want to get off the bike and go in. When we got to the motel, it was hard to take a shower before flaking out for a long afternoon nap.  This made me realize how much my perspective has changed.  At home, if I felt like this, I’d vegetate on the recliner for a day.  On this trip, I think a 40 mile day is an easy recovery day.  I sure hope the “recovery” part works!

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