Cyclists, be afraid!

This is the time of year a bicyclist anticipates with fear. No, it’s not a political party ramping up some alert level to try to get (re)elected, and the motor vehicle drivers (aka “cagers”) aren’t worse than usual.

Rather, it’s when the weather turns cooler. In my case, down to 39 degrees (F) for this morning’s commute. The reason to be so afraid is —


It happens to all of us, at some temperature. I was celebrating a couple months back when the lows dipped below 70. Last month they dipped below 60. I can survive that! But today it was out of the range of picking the warmest “summer” jersey, and time to find a long sleeve jersey, and leg warmers or tights. For some people, that temperature hits at 60, or 50, or 35, but it hits every cycling commuter who lives north of southern California or the Gulf Coast.

Oh, if you’re worried, it took me a few minutes, but I found them. And (just barely) got to work on time after that!

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